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California Olive Oil Council Est. 1992 Certified Extra Virgin

The Ranch

In 1993 we came to Tiber Canyon. It was to us, then, a secluded spot to pursue our craft of hand blown art glass. We built a timber-frame barn where we live and have our glass studio. Wanting to share both this wonderful place and our love of good food we planted olive trees in 1998.

Tiber Canyon Ranch is situated on 50 acres of oak and manzanita woodland nestled in the hills between the Pacific Ocean and the Edna Valley wine growing region of San Luis Obispo county. According to local legend, about 10 acres of the ranch were cleared during WWI and planted in apricots. When we came to the ranch, only five of the ancient, gnarled trees were still hanging on. Now, where their companions once stood, we grow ten different varietals of Northern Italian olive trees.

Our olive grove is maintained using sustainable farming practices. We use no petrochemical fertilizers or pesticides, and we use no herbicides. Even though this often seems to be the hard way to grow olives, we are dedicated to maintaining these methods for both our wellbeing and that of future generations.

About 30 acres of the ranch remains untouched as a woodland wildlife preserve. This diverse habitat is home to deer, foxes, bob cats, coyotes, raccoons, the occasional cougar, myriad birds and many more. The flora includes coast live oak, Edna manzanita, toyon, hummingbird sage and mountain mahogany, to name just a few.

We tend the trees in the spring and summer, preparing for the fall harvest. Winter months we pursue our craft in our glass blowing studio.

Chris' parents live on the ranch as well. They live in a 100 year old farm house overlooking the olive grove and the coastal hills in the background. They enjoy helping with the various events that go on at the ranch, in particular doing the barbeque lunch for the picking crew every year.


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